Gift Giving

Giving gifts doesn’t have to mean giving clutter to our friends. Today, I will share my  10 tips for zero waste gifts and 3 tips for how to deal with gifts for eight nights of Chanukah.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [01:11] How to give gifts that are not for yourself, but that truly takes the recipient into account.
  • [06:22] To give a good gift, consider the recipient; what do they like? What do they not like?
  • [07:55] If you don’t really know the person, it is important to listen to the clues they give to you when they are speaking to you. 
  • [13:45]  10 Great gift ideas
  • [31:30] If money is tight, all gifts are welcome and it can be a thoughtful gift instead of a big expensive gift.
  • [31:57] A gift is not everything, sometimes your presence is more important.
  • [32:51] A question I get a lot: should we give our kids a gift each night of Chanukah? I share my top 3 suggestions!

If you are still searching for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, Conquer Your Clutter is a gift that keeps on giving!

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