Zero Waste (Low Waste) Bar Mitzvah

When you are throwing an event – it can be difficult to reduce the waste.  Today, I tell you how we did it  for my son’s Bar Mitzvah- and let me know what you do to reduce your waste when you have an event.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [02:51] What we did for my son’s Bar Mitzvah and how I organized it. 
  • [04:50] For overseas guests, keep a list (or spreadsheet, my favorite choice!) of who is coming in and when to help coordinate this aspect of planning. This also helped so much with meal planning!
  • [10:28] Food for the Bar Mitzvah and how we cut down on waste
  • [15:31] DIY Decor Tips
  • [20:20] Tips for arranging tours for your guests
  • [22:10] Tips for booking a hotel over Shabbat
  • [25:00] Ideas for low waste gift bags for your guests
  • [30:34] No matter what type of Simcha event you are planning, it is important to tell yourself that ‘This is a happy event, and i am not going to get upset about a happy event, it’s just an event.’

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