How Long Should It Take to Organize a Space?

Not sure how much time to dedicate to decluttering? This episode is for you!  

Allotting the correct amount of time is important, but how do you know?  This week’s episode will help you figure it all out.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [00:50] This really depends on a few factors: how much you have, how long you take, if you’re working by yourself. 
  • [01:37] My run through of the different rooms in the house, and how long to estimate to organize each one.

The Bigger Rooms with a longer time allotted to them:

  • [05:04] The main bedroom
  • [05:56] Storage room
  • [08:20] Books and how to organize them!
  • [09:00] Playrooms
  • [11:02] Just because you have the space to fill does not mean you should fill it. 
  • [14:12] Living room and dining room.
  • [16:15] The kitchen
  • [18:42] Kids bedrooms
  • [20:22] The office
  • [22:56] Most people don’t believe me when I say how long I think it’s going to take to organize a space. 
  • [24:42] You can split up the amount of time per room over a period of a day.

If you want to get your space organized in a shorter amount of time- join me for a Done In A Day Declutter session today!


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