Shavuot & Shmita: What Matan Torah Teaches Us About Decluttering

In this week’s episode, we will discover why how Matan Torah (receiving the Torah) is connected to shmita and how that teaches us to reduce our waste and some actionable tips to reduce right now.

The main point of giving the Torah at Mt. Sinai was to teach the Jewish People about the Sabbatical Year, shmita. But what does the year of rest have to do with giving the Torah, well, it teaches us that during that year, the land reverts back to G-d for a rest, and it shows us we don’t really own the land.

Just as we don’t really only the land, can we ever really own our things, or do they own us? Since we can’t take it with us, we should reduce now, allowing us to truly enjoy what we have!

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