It’s About Time Management!

This week I was inspired by a podcast with Heather Dean on aish.com

In this Podcast, Rabbi Nivin said something that interested me- “Time is not our own, it doesn’t belong to us.”

But then my friend said to me the other days that time is like money, you can track it! I don’t think this is true – you can’t put time in the bank, save it for a rainy day, or earn more.

The best thing we can do is realize time is not something we can control and not something to stress over when things don’t go our way.

In today’s podcast I cover some tips for budgeting time, why using a calendar is so important, how meeting requests keep me happily married, and how having it written on the calendar makes it real and gets it off my mind.

You can manage your time! 

Check out my It’s About Time! time management course in the link below.

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