Rifka Lebowitz of Living Financially Smarter in Israel

As a personal organizer, I often get asked about how to organize money.

Which is why today, I sat down with Rivka Lebowitz, a financial consultant and founder of the Facebook group Living Financially Smarter in Israel, to speak about all things money and how to organize your finances.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [05:12] Money is a tool. We need to ask ourselves “What do we want to use this tool for?”
  • [07:57] Why staying in the same financial situation year after year may because to sit down with a financial advisor.
  • [08:38] What documents to gather before sitting down with a financial advisor. 
  • [11:26] Rivka’s storage advice for important financial documents (and how long to keep them for)
  • [15:00] Organizing your money.
  • [17:00] How much to put aside for an emergency fund
  • [18:50] How to set up a budget
  • [23:07] How to speak about money with your spouse or partner
  • [27:00] Where to purchase Rivka’s book. 
  • [27:49] Rivka’s tips to help pay off a debt
  • [29:13] Rivka’s Golden Rule for Living Financially Smarter

More About Rifka Lebowitz:

Rifka is a financial consultant, speaker, and author specializing in personal and small business finance. She is the founder of the extremely popular Facebook group Living Financially Smarter in Israel, an author, and now a course creator.  If you need help organizing your finances, please get in touch with Rifka Lebowitz today!


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