Distractions are part of life, what can you do about them?

How can you move past them?

This week I talk about my 3 tips to get past distractions and keep yourself on task when you are organizing, but the tips can really be applied in other ways too, like getting your to-do list taken care of.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [04:17] Surprise! I get distracted too during tasks. (It happens to us all, we are all human!)
  • [05:09] I think that during decluttering it is SO much easier to get distracted than when you are doing other tasks. This is the challenge that we have to push through. 
  • [06:20] My 3 tips to help handle the distractions
  • [06:30] Tip #1 Set a time limit for the distractions so that you don’t get sucked in. 
  • [07:25] Tip #2 has two parts: Plan your day, and be flexible when/if things come up. 
  • [10:38] When you are planning your day- budget your time and add in a buffer zone for anything that may come up
  • [11:30] Distractions are always coming up, and this buffer time will allow you to become more flexible. 
  • [13:00] Tip #3 Get a partner: Get a professional, get an accountability partner to keep you on track.
  • [15:37 ]Your accountability partner should put your success as their priority. 
  • [16:10] If you need a professional to help you declutter- DO IT! It is worth the time and money and effort to reach out and get a professional to help you declutter, keep you on track and help you achieve your goals.

If you need help getting organized, book a 1-hour consultation with me or a Done In A Day Declutter session to get you on track and conquering your clutter today!


You can hear more about an accountability partner in episode 69 

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