Tara Button – Buy Me Once

Do you ever wish that everything you bought would be something that would last forever? 

Even if it didn’t last forever, wouldn’t it be great if manufacturers stood behind their products??

My guest on the podcast today, Tara Button decided that she only wanted to buy things once so she created an online store where you could buy products that last forever- or as close to forever as possible! 

We talk about her new book, how buying things one time, and taking care of what we have is better for our wallet, the environment, and staying organized.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [03:10] How Tara started her business, Buy Me Once
  • [07:10] The type of  products that are featured on buymeonce.com
  • [16:46] More about mindful curation
  • [18:22] The first step towards mindful curation: Stop being manipulated
  • [23:00] The second step towards mindful curation: Find your fashion identity
  • [24:00] The third step towards mindful curation: Find your true taste
  • [30:25] Tara’s top picks
  • [33:15] What a “lifetime guarantee” really means

More about Tara: 

Tara has searched for products that are guaranteed to last and for companies that stand behind their products and created a website to showcase them.

She is the founder of buymeonce.com and the author of the book, A Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying for Life

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