5 Tips to Declutter With Your Family

This week on the podcast I give you 5 tips to help you declutter with your family (and not get stuck along the way!)


Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [00:43] Tip #1: Don’t play the blame game. 

Can you truthfully say that you are not a contributor to the clutter around your house?

  • [03:30] Tip #2: Clean up your own space first. 

It is important to lead by example and start with your own space first, the rest of your family will follow. 

  • [06:41] Tip #3: Get to the root of the problem.

Take a moment to think about why you are still holding onto these items, and if need be, go back to it at the end of the decluttering process. 

  • [13:40] Tip #4: Respect the other people in your house, and their stuff.

Everyone moves at their own pace, and you need to respect that it takes practice to learn how to declutter. 

It’s about progress, not perfection. 

  • [16:55] Tip #5: Set goals and assess your needs together as a family.

Make these goals clear and easily attainable for everyone to achieve. 

  • [20:30] Bonus tip: Share your gratitude.

Thank your family for the help and effort they have done to help declutter

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