Waste and Organization

Waste is directly related to organization.   

Consuming is directly related to organization.  

When we consume more, we waste more and produce more waste. 

We have a moral obligation to take care of the environment and our mitzvot exemplifies this.  When we consume more we not only hurt ourselves (digging yourself out of the mountain of stuff in your home) we hurt the earth. 

I hope this episode inspires you to be more conscientious about what you buy, what you consume, and what gets wasted.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [06:35] While working with a client in the old city of Jerusalem, I was SHOCKED at how much garbage and the lack of care of how people dispose of their garbage really upset me
  • [8:14] People don’t think about how much they throw away, and how they can plan things out better so that they don;t have so much waste. 
  • [21:00] We live in a time where people shop all the time and it’s too often I hear my clients saying: “I can’t do X until I buy (insert item here).”
  • [21:43] I always ask my clients before they buy something: What happens when you’re done with it? 
  • [22:37] When we throw things “away” it doesn’t just go “away.” We have to take the time to make sure that we buy what we use and become more conscientious of what we are throwing “away”- making sure that it is all being disposed of properly. 
  • [25:00] When you buy less, you have less to throw away, less to organize, and in the end- you have less to worry about. 
  • [26:31] We can all do better when it comes to using less, wasting less, and consuming less.

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