Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper

Today, I want to speak about the importance of keeping your eyes on your own paper. I am in the midst of preparing my Painless Pesach declutter program, and I want to speak about something I am seeing amongst my students.  We all need to stop focusing on what other people are doing and the progress they are making their decluttering process, and focus on how much progress YOU’RE making.

Key Takeaways to Tune In For

  • [03:50] Why I created my pre-Pesach challenge, Painless Pesach. 
  • [06:16] This pre-Pesach challenge came into being after being asked by my clients “What do you do to make it easier to get ready for Pesach?”
  • [11:26] It’s important to challenge yourself a little bit every day. I am a big believer in progress, not perfection. 
  • [12:05] Many of my clients have said to me “ I feel like everyone else has it under control and I just can’t do as much” and everyone is comparing themselves to someone else. 
  • [12:10] we need to stay on our own page, in our own book, and not look at where anyone else is holding.  Because when you compare yourself to other people, you set yourself up for failure. 
  • [17:29] For Purim this year – instead of going all out in your Mishloach Manot and seudah, give a little extra charity instead. 
  • [21:12] Doing these festive meals with joy is important, and if increasing the joy means being more simple then that is key to getting the most out of your holiday experience. 
  • [23:00] If you need help with your preparations – don’t be afraid to ask for it (especially if it will increase your joy!)

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