Getting Ready for Pesach

When you are getting ready for Pesach you should be focusing on getting it done, NOT getting it done perfectly.

Write things down – you don’t need to remember it all in your head – write it down once – and download the Holiday workbook from Balagaganbegone.com to help you keep it all in once place and organized!

What should you write down you ask?

Shopping lists Prices of items on your shopping list Meal plans Recipes Guests lists What your rabbi says about getting ready for Pesach Anything you want to remember from year to year!

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [02:07] Pesach cleaning should be about what you NEED to do. There is no commandment to drive yourself insane and worn out from cleaning. 
  • [04:40] If you need help planning for Pesach, download my FREE Holiday Planning Guide for tips, tricks, and recipes- all customizable to YOUR needs. 
  • [07:31] Planning tip:  Make a list to keep year to year of everything you can kasher for Pesach and how to kasher each item. 
  • [09:47] Make a shopping list of what you bought and how much you bought for Pesach to use every year, and easily delegate prep to other people. 
  • [13:00] Get your kids to help you and don’t be afraid to delegate!

Make sure to check out my Conquer Your Clutter course to learn how to minimize the items in your house and maximize the time with your family.

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