family spending time together

I have a secret to tell you! (But shhhhhh!! Don’t tell my kids!)

A few weeks ago my husband and I put a timer on our router and to shut off at 11 pm.

This means no more internet after that time for my entire family.

And the best part: our teenagers still can’t figure out how we did it and it has already been a few weeks!

By setting this timer, every night by 11 pm we have to be done with our work and stop working.

I tend to work late in the evening and also lose track of time,  making me tired and crabby the next day.

As for our kids, they were staying up too late and missing their Zoom classes. #distancelearning

My suggestion: Find a time that works best for you and your family and do the same- SHUT OFF THE INTERNET.

It sounds trivial, but this has really made a huge difference for us!

And I know, you can still turn on your hotspot on your phone or use data, but for us this way it really forces us to make a conscious decision if we want to do that, and most of the time,  we don’t because it isn’t worth it!

So what do you say? What time are you going to shut off your internet?

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