A lot of people think that I must be a minimalist, but I have a secret!

I’m not.

Yet, I’m not a maximalist either.

I’m somewhere in between.

I like to opt for simple living.

As a religious Jew, there are a lot of things in my house that I don’t think I would own if I weren’t religious, such as:
• 2 sets of dishes
• Candlesticks
• Challah board, knife, and cover
• Sets of cookery and crockery for Pesach
• Religious texts

The list goes on, and yet, I find I need these objects in my life not only yearly, but most of them are also in use weekly.

While this limits my ability to live as a minimalist (I wouldn’t really want to even if I could) it doesn’t mean I haven’t simplified.

What I have found is that by limiting excess in my life, and curating my best collection of objects, I have managed to make my life easier and therefore, more simple.

After I read a book, I pass it on to someone else- books are meant to be read.

When I buy new clothing, I use the one-in-one-out rule and use guidelines for a capsule wardrobe. Getting dressed is so much easier now! (So is laundry by the way!!)

I choose products that I think will last longer and consider the design so that I can spend less time caring for them.

I look for ways to make my day-to-day tasks easier by delegating and outsourcing when possible so that I can spend more time with the people I love and do the things I love to do.

Making your life simple starts by letting go of the things that don’t serve you anymore.

Curating your best collection of objects so that they can serve YOU, and so you don’t serve THEM.

Organizing means that you decide what to keep so that you can keep your home tidy.

For many people, this sounds so easy but is tricky to implement. Since they are managing as is, it seems unimportant to handle, and yet, your life would be much improved if you set aside time NOW to simplify so in the future, you could enjoy more free time.

Don’t continue to struggle- simplify your life, and I’m here to help you!

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