Let me tell you about the power of the Pesach workbook. You can download it for free from my website! It may seem like a lot at first but I assure you that it will make getting organized and ready for Passover a breeze.

I want to go into greater detail about how the Peseach workbook works and the best way to use it to maximize its potential.

Firstly, choose a medium that best works for you. For example, you can use an actual notebook and pen, a word document or my personal favorite online google excel spreadsheet. The reason why I love this method so much is because I can use it on the go. If I suddenly remember a task I want to add to a list I will be able to add it straight from my phone or computer quickly and easily. Zero hassle!

The Pesach workbook that is available for download is on a google excel spread. 

Pesach planner Balagan be goneThere are 5 tabs on the bottom of the sheet. Each tab is dedicated to a category to either an organizational task that needs to be done for Pesach or cleaning. 

Tab 1: Pesach Supplies

This tab is two-fold. First you will write down what items (pots, pans, hot water urns etc) you already own that are kosher for pesach. I have it divided into meat, diary, and misc/parav column to keep what items I have organized so that I do not accidently buy another meat soup pot if I already own one!

The second side of the list is what I would like to make kosher for pesach from my glass bowls and silverware. Again, this is so I’m not purchasing unnecessary items – so I’m saving space and cash!

Tab 2: Purchasing

Some people buy everything new for pesach, but I personally tie-off a room in our home and keep certain food items that we didn’t finish in time and just sell the room. Whatever your minhag, custom, is this tab will be very helpful. 

You make a list of things that you need to buy and how many. For example, I used a lot of olive oil for cooking. So, in the spreadsheet I would write down 4, olive oil, and then cost.Seeing how much I’m spending helps with budgeting.

If I bought the olive oil at different times or different shops I would write where I bought them as well. 

The last column I would write how much I used during the pesach. This is a great tab to refer to year-to-year that will help you see what you truly use during pesach and how much you are spending. 

Tab 3: To-Do List For Pesach

This tab is divided into two sections and one sub-section. On the one side you list all the cleaning that is needed to be done before the start of Pesach. This includes mopping your floors, kashering your pots and pans, dry cleaning – all the must dos to get the chametz out of your home!

This is to help you set up a timeline to get all of your Pesach cleaning done. I suggest to work backwards from the first day of Pesach and assign a date to each task. 

The second section on this tab is shopping that needs to be done. For example, buying new clothing, new cleaning supplies, table cloths etc – whatever it is that needs to be done in time for seder. You will write down what you need and when the shopping needs to be completed. 

Tab 4: Pesach Meal Planning

You can use this tab to plan your seders (or seder if you live in Israel!) or however many meals you are hosting or need to plan out during the whole of Pesach. 

You can write how many people will be coming to the meal, your menu, shopping, and meal prep. When I say meal prep I mean just that – I want you to write down what needs to be done in order to cook the meal. For example, hard boiled eggs, grate horseradish, cut veggies, make seder plate etc. 

The reason why I like doing this is because it helps with time management when you can actually see all the tasks that need to be completed and you can set a time limit or allot the proper amount of time for preparation. 

Tab 5: Pesach Recipes

Store and keep all of your recipes in one place with the Pesach recipe folder. It’s divided into 3 easy sections – name of the recipes, ingredients needed, and directions. You of course can customize this any way you wish, but I found this to be easiest to work with.

Again, refer to this list every year – add recipes that were a hit or that you want to try. Also can be great if you are looking for a gluten-free recipe when you have Shabbat guests over that are allergic to gluten or sensitive. 


 I really hope that this Pesach workbook aids in making preparing for Pesach stress-free! If you have any questions about the workbook or questions about my services and how they can help you prepare for Pesach please be in touch!

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