shabbat table set nicely with shabbat candles

Let’s talk about getting ready for shabbat!  Many of you have asked me about it a lot so I decided to write about Shabbat (and talk about it too!)

Planning is such an important part of getting ready for Shabbat. For example, planning your menu and food prep. 

Write down your menu Wednesday and if you can shop Wednesday also, so in case you forget something you won’t be stressed Thursday and Friday. 

I try to not only plan my meals beforehand but also the order in which to cook things.  So while my chicken is cooking, I also try to roast the sweet potatoes and on the stove top will steam some broccoli and while all that is going on, I’ll shred the cabbage.  This not only saves time but also saves energy!

If you make the same things weekly, this will become second nature, but if you like to have new menus every week, or a couple times a month, try to consider the order of cooking when planning the menu.  This will make things much simpler. 

In total on a Shabbat where it is just my family or one or two guests . Shabbat cooking can be done in about 2.5 hours or 3 hours!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with my number one way on how to stay organized when getting ready for Shabbat…


Have a set check-list of tasks to accomplish every week. For example, set the table, clean the floors, set the timers, etc. That way you can easily and quickly see what has been done and what needs to be done.

Another reason a check-list is beneficial is that you can share it with the whole family. Print it out or have it shared between you all on an app. Sharing the load of responsibilities is not only helpful but teaches your children (and your partner!) how to be more organized. 


And just for being awesome and reading this article I want to share with you my own personal check-list! Yes – this is the exact check-list I use every week to get ready for shabbat. 

To get a FREE copy of my Shabbat preparation check-list just click here!

Let me know in the comments how this check-list has helped you!

Wishing you a relaxing Shabbat!