Donation box

You might feel like you are drowning in stuff or perhaps it is a goal of owning less and being more stress free that is high on your to do list. Whatever the reasoning is – you find that you have piles and piles of things starting to take up unwanted residence in your home. This is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want!

So what to do with the books, clothing, and toys that no longer have a place? Selling the items might come to mind first – but that could take a lot of time and effort that you do not have. The next thought might be taking these items to the curb, because that would save you time and hassle. Unless any of the items are broken or in horrible shape, I would not suggest this either.


This is the best plan of action you should be taking with your lightly used or perhaps brand new items that you no longer want. 

There are so many benefits to donating. The most obvious reason is that it helps people. That shirt you bought from Amazon that was too big and never wore, that plastic toy car your child received as a birthday gift years ago but only played with once – these are all things that can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Another, maybe less obvious reason is that donating can be great for the environment. For example, clothes that have been donated to a thrift or second hand store are saving a potential buyer from purchasing something brand new. This creates a chain reaction – by keeping already made clothes in circulation we are ensuring that they stay out of landfills and for more, unnecessary clothes to be created. 

Feel inspired yet? Below are a couple of options of where to donate!


Goodwill: If you live in the United State Goodwill is an excellent option to drop off basically anything – from clothes to books, electronics and even old CDs! Goodwill’s purpose is helping people who are struggling to find work and assist with additionally programming to overcome their challenges. 

Consignment and Thrift Stores: Thrift stores that are attached to a local charity. There are some non-profits that use the money made from their thrift store to fund the organization or additional programming. It’s a win-win for everyone involved – your clothes get donated, someone finds great clothing at a ridiculously low price, and people in need are helped. 

Your Community: Call up the local library or speak to your child’s school to see if they are in need of any lightly-used items. For example, that coffee machine you never used or book or art supplies that have been collecting dust and space in your home. Lots of unused makeup? Give it to the local mikvah. Also ask your local Shul to see if they need any toys or books for their preschool or children service programs!

Non-Profit Organizations: Organizations such as Yad-Sara and Re-specs are more specific in what you can donate. You can donate unused medical supplies to Yad-Sara and eyeglasses that are no longer needed to Re-specs. This option might require a bit of research on your part since many of these nonprofits are location specific. Check out Balagan Be Gone’s partners page to get some more inspiration of where to donate your items. 

Local Shelters: Homeless and women shelters usually rely heavily on donations. Whatever item you donate can truly, truly change a person’s life for the better. There is so much in life that we could take for granted, something as basic as lipstick or winter coat, that could mean the world to an individual going through a rough period of time. A helpful tip about most women shelters – many of them house women from abusive relationships so their locations are kept a secret. Because of this, often times coordinators will come to you to pick up relevant items – make sure to call ahead of time to see what is needed! 

If you aren’t sure where you can donate your unwanted stuff, do a google search – a lot of charities are looking for different types of donations all the time!


Donation is a win-win for everyone involved. You take one-step closer to decluttering and organizing your home and someone in need benefits from an item that otherwise would not have been in use or worst yet – thrown in the garbage. 

Do you have an organization or local community space that is your go-to for donating? Let me know in the comments!


Feeling stuck with all the items you’ve accumulated and don’t even know where to start when it comes to getting rid of them? Contact me today and I can help get you started!


Happy organizing!