I always wonder how people can say “I really need to get organized” and then just go on as they were, struggling through the chaos.

But then I think about it more and the truth is, I can really relate.

I felt like that with my weight. I always tried so hard, and nothing was ever enough.

As I look back on all the years of trying to lose weight, I wonder where I went wrong.

Was it because I didn’t have enough money to invest in personal training or a personal chef?

Was it because I wasn’t willing to make the time commitment to do better meal planning and prep?

Was it because I needed more support from my family?

Maybe it was all of these things together and the task of getting healthy just seemed like too much.

In the end, a year and a half after the fact, doing bariatric surgery was the help I needed to really make a difference in my life.

When I think back to how long I waited to get the surgery though, I want to kick my past self.

I waited until I was 40 years old to fix a problem that had been going on for most of my life.

41-year-old me thanks 39-year-old me for getting the process started and making it happen, but thinking about all the wasted time makes me irritated at myself for waiting to get help.

I could have been more comfortable in my body and healthier if I would have acted sooner. (By more comfortable I mean physically comfortable, I always felt ok with my body image.)

But more than that, I could have made real changes for myself and been living my best life earlier.

When we go all in to try to understand where we went wrong and make real change – we can be fully cleansed.

But this takes time.

We don’t always want to put in the time, because in order to devote time to one thing we often have to take away time from something else.

For others, the payoff doesn’t seem big enough, but I promise, it is.

What we don’t see is that when we focus on the most pressing thing right now, we end up with more time to do other things later.

So when people say they want to declutter but don’t put in any effort right now, they don’t realize two things:

When you devote time to decluttering now you will have more time later on for the things you actually want to do.

If you declutter now, your life will be better later on.

I get it, you have a lot of responsibilities, to yourself, your family, your community, and your job, but then let go of the things that don’t serve you, you can manage all those other responsibilities better.

Yes, it is going to take a while to get to the point where things are easier, but you can get there.

It took me over 3 years to get the surgery process started, the surgery, and the subsequent weight loss, but I’m here, and things are so much better.

So get on the decluttering train with me today and let’s make things better.

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