How would it feel to resolve the disorganization that’s making life harder? Things like…

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    The hassle of having to constantly tidy up your home

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    The scramble of deciding what to make for dinner last minute

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    The frustration of passing the messy problem areas of your home

You may think these are “just life’s stresses”, they are!
They’re all rooted in disorganization and can be resolved this week.

How Tidy Together Sessions Work

A painless and productive group organization session for people who want to remove the speedbumps from their week, clear out their clutter, and curate their best collection of stuff!.

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    At the beginning of every Tidy Together session, we work together to set a goal.

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    I’ll break that goal down into small steps

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    You’ll get a time allotment, 15-20 minutes, (depending on the task) to complete each step.

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    I’ll check in with you and we’ll get you to the next step to complete your goal.

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    If you get stuck while trying to finish a task, no worries, I’m right there with you and I’ll help you through it.

Hear What People Are Saying :

Picture of Rebekah Chaifetz Saltzman

Hi, I’m Rebekah

Professional organizer and recovering perfectionist

As a busy mother of three, my life turns to chaos without organization. Before I decluttered and got all the stuff out of my house I didn’t need, I was always trying to tidy up.

Letting go of the things that didn’t serve me and figuring out how to stay organized changed my life, and I’ve seen it change the lives of all of my organization clients.

It may seem like letting go of what doesn’t serve you won’t make your life better, but I promise it does! Does that sound like a lofty promise? Join one Tidy Together session and experience it for yourself! See how decluttering transforms your to-do list!

Hear What People Are Saying :

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay for the entire session?

Answer: Sessions last 3 hours but come and go as you need. Most participants stay for the entire session. There is also a 1 hour option.

Why a group call? Will other people be involved in what I’m doing?

Answer: The group won’t be involved in your project. Each Power Hours member works on their projects independently. The group format offers professional help at a more accessible level, you’ll spend the session working on your personal goals.

If you are easily distracted by other, it is possible for you to move into a quiet breakout room so that you can have a quiet space.  Rebekah will move you to the main room when it is time for your check-in.

What if I don’t want my camera on, or I need to walk away at times?

Answer: Feel free to leave your camera off while you’re working, or for the entire call. All members are muted and working independently between check-ins and no one will be watching what you do.

What if my goal is too big for one session?

Answer: You’ll make more progress than you expect in a single session, but many members also tackle large-scale projects over the course of multiple sessions. I’ve seen members declutter their entire homes, plan out their whole holiday season before the busyness even starts, and meal plan for their household on a weekly basis. Whether you take on one session, a big project over the course of weeks, or a recurring task is totally up to you.

Is virtual organizing really effective? Wouldn’t it be better to do this in person?

Answer: In-person sessions are AMAZING. For some people they can only fix the situation with an in person session, but for most people, they only need a plan, guidance, and accountability. Most participants find success with the Tidy Together model, but if you’re unsure please reach out and I’ll give you my opinion on whether or not this format will be effective for you.
Tidy Together Sessions offer all of the benefits of hiring a professional organizer, but the group setting results in a much lower cost. Plus, it’s accessible worldwide!

How much does a Tidy Together Session cost?

Answer: $25 for a 1 hour session.

Check out the Journey to Organization Membership packages for reduced rates on Tidy Together Sessions and an incredible membership to help keep you organized!

Still have questions before scheduling?
Let me answer them:

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