woman sorting her clothing

What happens when we work together?


Let me tell you what I do!


If you choose the in-home option, I come to your home, (don’t worry, I don’t judge you or your mess. And no, your house is probably not the worst one I have ever seen! And yes, I wear a mask, and can take my shoes off!) From there, we work together to go through your stuff and sort it out.


Once we put things into categories we can start to discard and declutter.


We work together to decide what to keep and what to toss until we have a carefully curated collection of objects. Whatever items you decide to keep, I help you set up into a system you can maintain. I teach you strategies on exactly how to maintain your organizational success. ( 🎉 Cue the celebratory dance! 🎉)


At the end of the day, I take away whatever you decided to let go of and I donate or recycle it.


If you need an extra push, I will give you homework to do, and then I check on you in between sessions to make sure you are doing your homework and that you are maintaining the system we set up!


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❌ What don’t I do?  ❌


  •  I don’t do the decluttering for you, and here is why: 


I don’t know what you want to get rid of, it was up to me, you probably wouldn’t have anything left! Seriously though, you need to make the choices, I am there to keep you on track and on target!


When you sort through all your stuff you see exactly what you have, you are in control, you make the decisions, and you know where everything is.  I am there as a guide to keep you on track and get you to your organizational goals. 


  •  I don’t clean!  I am not a cleaner, if a shelf needs to be wiped down before we put something away, or dust swept off the floor before we move a piece of furniture, yeah, I’ll help with that, but no heavy scrubbing going on here. It distracts from our main mission of decluttering.


  • I don’t tell you what to let go of. What you keep is up to you, my job is to help you make good choices and help you decide what you really need and what you don’t need as well as to keep you on the decluttering train. 😊I will help you curate your best collection of stuff though😊!


So if you are ready for a home visit – book your free consultation here.


If you don’t live in an area I service in person, don’t worry! I got you covered- we can work online together in my Done In A Day Declutter session.