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 I recently received a question (actually one that I have been asked many, many times before) that I would like to address and answer fully.

What DO personal organizers do

Why do they need to have such long sessions? 

How do they come up with their pricing? 

What should I be looking for when hiring a professional as opposed to a student?

People generally have no clue what kind of training personal organizers have. How they not only have the knowledge on how to get you organized, but they understand how to get you to your goal. They have different techniques to help all kinds of people especially those who truly struggle staying organized. 

Take this information to heart when you think about who to hire and what level expertise they have. Sure, students may be cheaper but they may be lacking the necessary skills to help you get your home in order whether that be time wise or understanding your needs.

Now let’s talk a little bit about why professionals usually cost more than non-professionals.

First of all, we value our time. We know what our time is worth. We know how much we’re worth and we know that we are offering you a very special service. When you actually pay for a service, you have a higher likelihood of being more effective or having a better outcome. 

Putting money on the table shows that you’re committed. It shows that you’re willing to work hard because you are spending your  money.

I always send my clients recaps at the end of the day. I am in touch with them in between sessions because they are paying for my experience as part of my professional service. I have dealt with all sorts of different clients. Each one has a unique situation and experience – which helps me relate to new clients in the best possible way. 

It’s worthwhile taking the time to figure out which professional is best for you. You have to understand who they have worked with before, and you should ask them if they have ever worked with someone in a similar situation before.

With that said, good professionals will have insurance. In case something goes wrong, hiring a professional with insurance and coverage means that you are protected and this is part of what you pay for.  A good professional will include their travel expenses and they won’t charge extra for that.

I personally charge extra for some things –  for example if I’m going shopping for you, I’m scanning for you, or if we are doing additional one-on-one long-term coaching in between the in-home service. 

If your organizer has a flat fee, check out exactly what is covered in their costs. Does it cover chatting in between sessions? Does it cover the consultation? What about purchasing storage items? Make sure they will give you the support that you need to reach your goal. 

A student probably doesn’t have the time to do that. Someone who’s not a full-time professional organizer is usually not going to have the time or expertise to give you to support and help you need to reach your goal.

I hope that gives you a little insight as to why hiring a pro is worth the money. You can expect a better outcome. In the end, it’s an investment in yourself.  It says to your brain, to your heart, to your whole body ‘I am investing in myself.’

I am going to reach my goal because I have invested in myself. 

When you put money down on the table you are serious about getting to your goal.And when you are serious, I’m serious about helping you. Spend your money wisely by finding someone who is the right fit for you. 

Listen to your gut. If your gut is saying this is it, then go for it. No good professional will give you the hard sell because they know that you have to come to be ready – so if you keep asking questions they will answer you and they will find a way to make you feel comfortable. 


Starting your journey to organization can be a bumpy one. I’m here to help. Please, reach out and receive a free 30-min phone call with me. Learn how to get started and create a game plan. 

Can’t wait to talk!