how to organize your medicine cabinet

In honor of National Check Your Meds Day on October 21,  I felt it was a good idea to remind you to head over to your medicine cabinet and get things in order!


Here are some tips to help get it done:

  1. Anything that smells off, has a strange color, or the texture has changed- chuck it!
  2. Anything that you won’t use again- chuck it.
  3. Anything that is more than 5 years past the expiration date you should chuck. However,  keeping anything less than that needs to be stored correctly. If the medicine is stored incorrectly (not in a cool place, in direct sunlight, etc)  it can be less effective.
  4. See what is missing from your first aid supplies and make a list to replenish.
  5. Put it all back grouping like categories together in clearly labeled bins or areas on the shelf so you can easily find what you are looking for next time you need something!


Don’t forget to recycle the meds, most pharmacies will take them and dispose of them properly, throwing them in the garbage or flushing down the toilet is not a healthy option!


Need help organizing?  Book a done in a day declutter session today!


Photo by Michał Parzuchowski