A woman who is ready to give up and throw in the towel at work.

I’m giving up.

I can’t do this anymore.

I feel like throwing in the towel and closing up shop.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with technology.

Nothing seems to be working correctly. (I’ve had to write this email three times because the program didn’t save it!)

Every time I make a new video on TikTokFacebookInstagram or YouTube, I feel like I’m talking to myself cause there’s so little engagement; it’s as if the algorithm thinks I’m cringy (like my kids do!).

My phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 – 7 years old) wasn’t working properly.  I was always deleting files, clearing the cache, and moving apps onto my SD card, to no avail.  It was a struggle to use apps and even answer the phone.

It’s disappointing to buy a new phone because you pay a premium for something designed to have a short life span, and you know, I hate waste.

But I didn’t have a choice. The phone wasn’t working since there wasn’t enough memory.

I bought a new phone on a crazy Black Friday deal (I got more than half off the phone!), and I just got it.

I wouldn’t say I like it. (I know I’ll get attached to it, though.)

It’s too big.

It doesn’t have a headphone jack, so I had to buy a special cable since I avoid using Bluetooth.

The worst part is Samsung has a way of doing seamless transfers, but something went wrong with the verification settings on my personal email transfer, and now I’m locked out.  That account controls all my downloads and all the apps. So everything that needs to be updated can’t be updated.

This means I can’t send or receive payments, check emails, download any new apps, or receive phone calls from the US (since I use google voice).

Meanwhile, the laptop I bought last year seems to have a similar memory issue, and every time I get on Zoom, my video freezes. It’s been about a month, and I still haven’t been able to resolve this issue with support.

I’m also going through a migration of my backend systems to make working with me more accessible. I’m moving my courses (Conquer Your Clutter, It’s about TIME – Management, Painless Pesach, and the Professional training course) to a new platform and updating how they integrate with my scheduling tool that runs the Journey to Organization membership.

It feels like every day; there’s a new problem.

Every day it feels like there aren’t enough hours to fix everything.

Every day it feels like an uphill battle against technology to make things work better.

I feel like waiving the white flag in surrender, closing Balagan Be Gone, and getting a “regular” job.

Do you ever feel like that?

These are first-world problems, for sure, and yet, they need to be resolved because I don’t do this job for me, I do it for you.

I’m a personal organizer because this is my way to shine light into the world.

I do this job because, at the end of my life, I’d like to leave the world a better place than when I got here. Right now, the best way I can do that is by using my organizational skills to help YOU be the best version of YOU.

I show up on social media, in your inbox, and on Amazon to (hopefully) inspire you to declutter, reduce your waste, and help you manage your time better so you can work less and live more.

For me to do my job, technology has to work.

After a lot of feeling sorry for myself, I took a deep breath, connected to my inner self, and used a tool that my friend Chaya Hinda Allen taught me.

I said: “Rebekah, this stinks, but I’m here for you.”

I let myself feel the sadness and the struggle.

I sat with that for a while and believe me, it wasn’t easy, to be honest with myself.

I decided that since there wasn’t a lot, I could do about it I’ll have to be patient and wait.

I’ll wait for Google to let me out of password purgatory (72 hours!).

I’ll wait for Zoom to help me troubleshoot.

I’ll wait for the migration to be done.

I’ll let G-d handle the details since I can do nothing to make this go faster.

He can do anything, even fix technology!

In the meantime, I wasn’t sure if I was going to send my weekly email because I felt overwhelmed by the technology problem, the kids being home from school, my dad visiting, my husband working from home, a leak in the roof, guests coming, and all the things that come with a routine change, but I decided you should know, I struggle too.

My struggle isn’t with clutter (anymore), and I’ve recently shared my struggles with food and weight loss, but I thought you should know I struggle with technology, managing change, and getting a handle on my emotions.

Everything isn’t always running smoothly in my world.

That’s ok.

Problems come up.

They keep coming up till you deal with them.

I’m working hard on dealing with problems to show up better for you.

I’m not “winning” at technology, but I can help you declutter and manage your time better.

I work hard to create products and tools that are affordable and easy to access from anywhere in the world that will help you:

Get out of password purgatory. Order the Balagan Be Gone Password keeper to organize your digital life. (Two cover options available – wave or watercolors.)

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Live an organized life! Join the Journey to Organization Membership and declutter with me virtually from anywhere in the world. (If a monthly commitment seems too hard, you can buy single sessions or packages of sessions to save $$$.)

In January and February, you can meet me and get an autographed copy of Organized Jewish Life. If you live in or near Chicago, Omaha, Memphis, New York, or Netanya. Let me know if you’d like me to come to your city. If you live in Jerusalem, check out the JPost Magazine this week… Organized Jewish Life is featured in it!

I’m also working on a bunch of other new planners to help you organize different areas of your life, and of course, I’m getting ready for the 36-day decluttering challenge before Pesach.  (This year, it will have eight extra Pre-Pesach days, with more customized checklists, an all-new calendar, updated videos, and more!)

My final thought: If you’re struggling too and are about ready to throw in the towel, reach out. Let’s chat and see how I can help with organization, and time management or be an accountability partner.