Need something to decorate your Sukkah this year?

Make an up-cycled decoration!

Got old pool noodles?

Cut them into rings and string them onto some yarn, or cord, and hang them around the walls.

Old CDs?

Use yarn, markers, or paints to draw the 7 species, or write the names of the Ushpizin. Thread yarn or string through the middle and hang from the schach.

Egg cartons?

Cut out the sections of egg cartons into individual sections, paint them, and thread a string through them. Hang in groupings for a beautiful hanging flower display. (great for placing around exposed light bulbs, but not too close. (not suitable for use with egg cartons from Israel as there are concerns with salmonella, due to how we process eggs in Israel.)

Toilet paper rolls?

Cut toilet paper rolls into small strips (1 inch wide). pinch both ends to make an almond shape and connect several pieces together at the points to make flowers, color and hang!

If you decide to make the classic construction paper rings – consider using a stapleless stapler like this one (it works when you press really hard!)

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Chag Sameach!