Digital Organization

In today’s episode, we will be speaking about digital clutter. People think that having a lot of digital files is ok, but you want to be careful that you are not becoming a digital hoarder.  Today I will go through the best way to clean out your digital files and organize them.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For:

  • [01:58] Do a little bit of digital cleaning every day. Doing a little bit every day is better than not doing anything at all.
  • [02:47] Set up a basic folder system for yourself
  • [05:00] Name your files according to what their contents are (and stick to this naming protocol!)
  • [10:57] It is in your best interest to name the files in a way that you can recall exactly what is in each folder and what each file contains. 
  • [12:30] For photographs, I  upload the photos and then make a folder for each year.
  • [15:00] Always make sure you backup your files before you clear out storage space on your computer!
  • [21:00] When you are organizing your files, BE SPECIFIC.

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