A visual timer counting down the time from 15 minutes

I don’t really believe in multitasking. 


Sure there are sometimes I can do two things at once, like drive and listen to the radio. Walk and listen to music. Cook something while I’m on hold with the bank (though this has ended in disaster a few times).  In general, though, I find when we don’t try to focus on one task at a time it can usually take longer than necessary to get a task done. 


In my experience, the best way to make sure tasks get done is to:

  1. Set time on your calendar to get it done (If it’s not on your calendar does it even exist?)
  2. Limit distractions (turn off your notifications and ringer)
  3. Set a timer to get it done


You could set the timer on your phone and for a lot of people that works great.  But others, need something more visual and separate from their phone so they don’t get distracted by their phones!


This KADAMS Time Tracker Visual Timer – has an Audio Alarm Pause Function, a 24-hour Countdown Clock is a great option for adults or kids.  For the first 75% of the time you set on the alarm it is green.  Then it changes to yellow and then red. This is an extra visual clue to help you wrap up your task as the time is running out.  One of the great features of this clock is it doesn’t have any ticking – which can sometimes drive you nuts!


This clock has an analog style and is better for people who are sensitive to lights but still want something physical – The Searon Visual Timer is 3.07″ Square and has a 60-minute countdown timer with no annoying loud ticking. It comes in two colors. It does take 2 AA batteries


If you’re looking for something more high-tech – this one also includes the Pomodoro method technique – Ticktime Pomodoro Timer, Digital Cube Timer, has a hexagon shape to signal different timers and is color coded to signal to you time is winding down. It’s perfect for work, studying, productivity, and if you have ADHD. 


For timers to work effectively though I find it is best to start your week with 10 minutes to set out the task for the week and generally slot them out on your calendar. Each morning I take a look at what’s on tap for the day and if things come up, and of course, they do, I can be more flexible because I have a map of the week and I know where I can detour. 


At the end of each day, I like to look and see what’s on the schedule for tomorrow and see if I need to move anything I didn’t get accomplished today. 

If you need help with time management, reach out or join a Power Hours session with me.  I’ll guide you through exactly how to get your tasks done, get you on track, and keep you on task.